That monday he would begin a round of very harsh chemotherapy. It was Halloween. I had been texting with him the whole day, the second I was out of school I called him. I asked him if maybe he would want some company. After climbing about 75 stairs to reach his front door, I took a deep breath and knocked. There was a sense of urgency in my heart, I needed to be close to him, I hated the thought of him being alone.  He answered the door, wearing a v neck t shirt and a red hoodie, there a was a beautiful grace to him, a meditative quiet splendor that made me want to know more and more about him. 

I slept in his bed that night, and we played around with long exposures with my camera. The door to his room opened out to a beautiful little garden, I took pictures of our feet in the dark. 

iansroom copy.jpg